Sourcing Services:
We offer customised sourcing solutions while acting as buying agent from concept to product development, price negotiation, production planning, inline and pre-shipment inspections and shipment inspections and shipment follow up all aspects are professionally handled.

Contract Execution Services:
Contract handling services to coordinate production planning with suppliers and preventive linen / pre-shipment inspections to ensure that goods match the required product specification are shipped on time.

Supply Chain Management Solutions:
We offer complete supply chain management solutions at very competitive prices backed by professional after sale services.

Product Designing:
Presentation of new designed collections with innovative styles, finishes and future colour trends

Order Finalisation:
From necessary changes in materials, styles, colours as per customer's requirements to suit their plans to order placement with our associated factories

Production Planning & Quality Assurance:
Production planning and monitoring is controlled in coordination with our associated suppliers in line and pre-shipment audits are conducted by our independent quality assurance team.

Textiles Unlimited Inc. Offer duty paid goods delivered to customer's warehouse / distribution centre with shortest possible lead times.

Customer Complaints Handling:
Upon receipt of complaint the quality department will arrange preliminary investigation to ascertain the root cause and defective sample will be sent to supplier as well for their reference to reach to a conclusion with firm findings/evidences in case of any dispute a meeting will be arranged between supplier and buyer for an amicable solution. Customer complaints handling also covers the general communication, product development, inquiry handling, production updates, quality of product and lead time of shipments and new product development submissions.