CEO's Message

Service, quality, innovation and cost effectiveness are areas in which Textiles Unlimited Inc. Excels. Our associates are committed to nothing less than working with our Raw materials, yarns & Greige, Processed fabrics, Retail Bedding, healthcare and Hospitality customers to deliver systems and solutions that deliver cost effective quality. We do this through combining product design and development, process innovation and cost controls in our partner mills manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Our experienced merchandising marketing and quality team have specialist knowledge of the Apparel and Home Textiles Industry. Our Emphasis is non correct market positioning, unique product ranges, creativity and quality of partner manufacture at every stage of the process.

We consistently demonstrate our expertise by creating commercially successful merchandise. We offer our customer a true "one stop design and product house" in terms of saucing the right product at right price.

Our approach to developing the products by sourcing through the right manufacturer is one of the company's greatest strengths. It has enabled the company to maximise global resources to produce the best products at the best prices; providing both high quality and thigh value to our customers.

From design development and merchandising through sales and customer services we are committed to excellence at all levels of the company. Specifically we are committed to satisfying the needs of our customers and the consumers who purchase their products. We develop creative solutions to fulfil their needs while providing the fashion leadership, quality, and reliable service they have come to expect from us.

We have started off our program "Vision 2015" through which we will make structural changes within our operations to facilitate innovation for specialised articles o line updates and solutions to our customer's regular training of our team, research and market development.

I welcome your good self to come and shake your hand with us to meet our ideas and our abilities to enable us to become part of your organisation's growth.

Awais Mazhar Khan