We are working for various yarn counts for our worldwide customers.

100% Cotton Ring Spun:
6/1 Carded to 120/1 Combed For Weaving / Hosiery. Complete Range of 2ply, 3ply and multiply yarns.

100% Cotton and 100% Polyester Open End:
5/1 to 20/1 for weaving and hosiery

Blended Yarns (with different blends):
Polyester Cotton From 12/1 Carded to 80/1 Combed for weaving and hosiery Ring Spun and Open End.

Specialised Yarn:
Melange Yarns in 100% Cotton blended Melanges in Polyester Cotton, Viscose Cotton, Modal Cotton 10/1 carded to 40/1 combed for weaving and hosiery, Core spun, Compact spun, Jet spun, Multi count, Modal, Micro Modal Yarn and Cool Max Yarn. Slub, Core Spun Slub. Organic Cotton Yarn / Organic Dyed Yarn, Bamboo, Bamboo Cotton Yarn. Ari Jet cell yarn, antibacterial yarn, 100% Acrylic and blended Yarn. We also provide sourcing services for Dyed Yarn, Gassed Mercerized yarn and Dyed Mercerized Yarn from quality conscious, reliable and renowned spinning mills.

Mostly Pakistan and China, Egypt, Vietnam Indonesia also