Textiles Unlimited, Inc.

1: Sourcing

Sourcing is not just about price. It is about deciding the right fit among customers, vendors, and products. Our sourcing team provides the following services:

  • Understand the product and your requirements
  • Propose the most suitable vendors
  • Negotiate and decide final price and terms with the selected vendor


Sourcing Textile Unlimited pakistan

2: Negotiation

After identifying the most competent vendor who meets our client’s demands, we negotiate to decide the final price and all the terms & conditions with that vendor.

Negotiation Textile Unlimited pakistan

3: Product Development

We have the best Product Development team that is responsible for developing innovative products after extensive research on the trend to give a competitive advantage. Our team manufactures the products from scratch according to the client’s needs. Furthermore, we ensure that per-production samples develop on time.

Textile Unlimited pakistan

4: Product Monitoring

Our Monitoring team continues to follow each step from development to shipment by ensuring that there are no product errors or shipment delays. In addition, we keep both the customer and the vendor notified of our product analysis.

Product Monitoring Textile Unlimited pakistan

5: Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance begins with the selection of vendors and ends with an audit of the facility. The inspection of quality and conformity is carried out in the following stages: 

  • Pre-production testing
  • Initial production inspection
  • During Production progress
  • Inspection before shipment

After completing the above stages, we share the final inspection report with our customer for review.  

Quality Assurance Textile Unlimited pakistan

6: Logistics & Shipping

We have a separate department for delivery purposes because Textiles Unlimited, Inc. understands the value of timely delivery. Our team is responsible for all shipping and logistics documentation. The documents get thoroughly reviewed before being forwarded to our customers.

Logistics & Shipping Textile Unlimited Pakistan